Forgive. We’ve all heard the word and the phrase: Forgive thy neighbour. But half of it is missing. The second half is: And you will be forgiven.

The reason forgiveness is difficult to comprehend and to accomplish is because of pride. Pride dwells within acting as a barrier to all that is good. Pride creates enemies, its what initiates gossip, slander, acts of anger and hurt. A heart filled with hate is demonstrated by words thought, spoken, and acted upon.

Forgiveness is not something you can accomplish by will alone. Unforgiveness is rooted in pride, jealousy, judgment, and anger—the perfect soil for growing a murderous heart—a heart of hatred.

The Will, your Will, helps you to make a decision about who you want to be and what your true values are. Only then will you experience freedom—by asking Jesus, the official teacher of forgiveness, for help with forgiving someone or a group of people.

This is where salvation comes from. Make a decision to forgive and be free.

Forgiveness is a core value of O’Reilly Design Co. and we seek to work and partner with people and brands who have forgiveness in their hearts.