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ymca calgary annual report cover

YMCA Calgary – Annual Report Design

The challenge that YMCA’s all over the world encounter is that most people think of the Y as nothing more than a gym, when in fact the YMCA is a non-profit organization that offers numerous programs for people of all ages, genders, and cultures. YMCA Calgary offers programs for people such as new-comers to Canada, summer-long camp programs for kids, and senior citizens programs.



An annual report is an essential tool for current and potential investors, such as the City of Calgary and donors from the local community.   

Develop a concept for the annual report that illustrates the value of the Y and the outcomes for individuals and families who are members — without focusing on gym and fitness settings.


Working in tandem with Suzanne Polyak, who managed the procurement and editing of the personal stories, I managed the photographer, financials content, and overall concept, design, and layout. The design captures the YMCA culture and values along with showcasing personal life-changing stories from its loyal members. 


Annual Report
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Tara is a diligent worker who can be counted on to get the work done in a timely manner. She is good at taking a rough idea and turning it into a functional, eye-catching product. She is open to feedback and works with suggestions to improve the final outcome. Tara would certainly be a creative asset to any team or client!

Kristy Packwood

Financial Development Manager, YMCA Calgary