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Vegan Food & Lifestyle Festival

VegFest Calgary was a new social project initiative founded in April 2016 by a team of local Calgarians who are all vegan. The healthy community project aimed to share the joys of vegan culture in a supportive environment and showcase ethical businesses, speakers, live cooking demos, and musicians. In 2017 it was approved for non-profit status.


Develop a brand identity for a new community initiative where there is a risk that it could potentially be met with push-back in a province that heavily promotes animal agriculture.


Establish a positive brand experience for a scalable annual event that was accessible to veg-curious people to explore, learn, connect, and be inspired to open their hearts to animals who are considered food or fashion products in mainstream culture.


Brand Strategy & Name
Logo & Identity System
Event Program
Sponsor & Vendor Applications
Marketing Collateral

Tara did such an amazing job with our logo and branding direction. We were beyond impressed with her ability to capture our organization’s values. Her contribution absolutely sets the tone for a credible and successful debut event! We couldn’t be happier with the results of working with her!

Janel Fedrau

Co-founder and Project Manager, VegFest Calgary

Design Solutions and Outcomes

Case Study

Brand Positioning – VegFest Calgary

VegFest Calgary provides a sense of community and cruelty-free options to vegans and veg-curious individuals and families in Alberta, through a supportive, fun, and educational event that empowers them to make healthy lifestyle choices.


  • 80% Female
  • Average age: 30
  • Lower to middle class
  • Adventurous (with cooking)
  • Curious (about food, nutrition, health, politics)
  • Compassionate (towards animals, environment, humans)


  • Welcoming and vibrant
  • Positive and supportive
  • Empathetic and patient
  • Fun
  • Confident
  • Safe


Within one year, the brand identity helped establish VegFest Calgary (VFC), as the official voice in Alberta for vegan living and advocacy.

The premiere one-day event in 2017 was not only the most environmentally-friendly festival, it was also one of the most successful festivals in Alberta, attracting between 8,000 – 10,000 attendees in one day.

VFC had and continues to have, a positive effect socially and economically. It has inspired local restaurants to add at least one great plant-based option to their menus, boosted small local businesses presence and access to opportunities, and help dispel old myths and initiate conversations with government departments about what accessibility, inclusiveness, and diversity means to today’s Calgarians.


8,000 – 10,000 Attendees

With an initial operating budget of zero dollars, VegFest Calgary was able to attain $30K in donations prior to the event. They also attained $35K in donations on the official event day which became their starting operating budget for year two.

Sponsors: City of Calgary, Impact Magazine, Cold Garden, Spud Local Organic Groceries, Camp Brand Goods, Veg-in YYC, Amaranth Health Food Store, Hearts Choices, The Grinning Goat, Community Natural Foods, Raw Eatery & Market, The Groovey Vegan, Talk Vegan to Me, Joel Gwillim Real Estate