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Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund – Rebrand

In 2006, a bill was established by the Government of Alberta called the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Act. The Act established a fund for $500 Million dollars with the purpose of supporting and encouraging cancer prevention initiatives, including research, education, public policy development, and social marketing initiatives.

The Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund (ACPLF) sits under Alberta Health Services (AHS), the province’s largest employer. The department is split into various groups, and those groups focus on cancer prevention initiatives for specific demographics and environments (communities, workplaces, healthcare).

The ACPLF uses soft research to build projects that support social and behaviour change in Alberta. All of the projects focus on cancer risk factors such as smoking, UVR exposure, unhealthy diets and living a sedentary lifestyle.   



Build a brand that can live under the brand equity of AHS. It had to be distinctive enough to stand on its own while communicating to stakeholders and various external audiences its purpose, and its link to AHS.


All of the visual design work was inspired by Phase One, the development of a Brand Strategy.

I was able to create a disticnt brand with a connection to the parent organization by incorporating strategic placement and hierarchy of the AHS logo, the use of AHS primary brand colours (blue and green) and the development of a simple wordmark that uses the same font. 


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Business Plan
Annual and Strategic Reports
Info-sheets and Brochures
Trade-show Displays
Print and Digital Ads
…and much more

AHS ACPLF Brand Design
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Tara produced high-quality professional work, well under pressure, often juggling multiple deliverables at the same time.

Geneviève Jessiman-Perreault

Research Associate, Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund