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Vegan Sticker


Be proud to show your commitment to a compassionate lifestyle with this one of a kind vegan sticker.

The vegan sticker is all about getting the word ‘vegan’ in mainstream consciousness with the passive action of driving. Build awareness to your neighbours, businesses, and municipality that vegans live, work, and play in your local area. Don’t have a vehicle? Place it on your restaurant, store-front, mailbox, laptop, iPad, guitar, bike, or helmet. The possibilities are endless!

The vegan sticker is designed with the following in mind:

• Confident with class
• Legible from 25 ft viewpoint
• Made from weatherproof (sun, rain, snow) vinyl
• Material said to last up to 7 years on vehicle
• 5 x 1 inches
• Finished die-cut
• Easy to apply and easy to remove

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Additional information

Weight .000009 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × .0625 × 6 in

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