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Rad AR Activist Tshirt


The ‘Rad Animal Rights Activist’ design was sparked from the heart of activism. A modern, confident typeface set in all caps sets the stage for this bold typographic piece.

Originating from the Outaouais, I’ve witnessed my fair share of politics. Over the years I’ve seen how lobbyists and politicians, and in return mainstream media, refer to animal rights activists as “Radical Animal Rights Activists.” The manner in which they present this term is meant to shame activists; to silence us, and to weaken our community and movement.

To illustrate the effects of this brand being promoted, I’m reminded of a recent conversation with a teller at a credit union. A lovely senior-aged woman and I were having a mutually pleasant exchange when she jokingly referred to vegans as a “radical bunch.” As I left the site I smiled and thought, “we aren’t just radical—we’re pretty rad.”

As the hate-news against animal rights activists continued to be published, the concept continued to swirl in my mind. The frustration, the helplessness, and the pride was overflowing my mind-space. It required a creative outlet and the message was simple. Be bold, be proud, and own it. We can’t control how institutions brand us—but we can control how we respond.

  • Pesticide-free bamboo and organic cotton blend
  • Materials and process manufactured Canada
  • Screen printed in Canada
  • Unisex sizes
  • Soft, cozy, and fits like a dream
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Weight 188 kg
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 2 in

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