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Pigs Are Individuals Tshirt


The ‘Pigs Are Individuals’ artwork was inspired as a method of expression with the purpose of instilling the recognition of value to nonhuman animals, such as pigs.

The classical drawing style and the portrait of a pig, are important aspects of this piece because it illustrates the concept that these animals are valuable as they are. There is no need to dress this person up to be personified, to be cute or childlike, or sexualized as mainstream food industry advertises. Most people agree that piglets are adorable—but do they become things or commodities as they age? Should we care less about them or, do we appreciate them for who they are, as they are? Until we acknowledge that the spirit that flows through you and I, is the same spirit that flows through all nonhuman animals—the injustice will continue to legally identify these beings as “things without rights.” In the meantime, I will advocate awareness for these individuals.

  • Pesticide-free bamboo and organic cotton blend
  • Materials and process manufactured Canada
  • Screen printed in Canada
  • Unisex and Women’s sizes
  • Light in feeling and fits beautifully
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Weight 188 kg
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 2 in

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