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AHS Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund Annual Report AHS Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund book

Artwork designed by Ms. Tara O’Reilly for Alberta Health Services – Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund. All trademarks depicted are the property of their respected owners. No endorsement of O’Reilly Design Co. or Tara O’Reilly is hereby implied.

Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund

The Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund (ACPLF) aims to transform cancer prevention with Albertans through population-based initiatives, screening, and collaborative, focused research in support of Changing Our Future: Alberta’s Cancer Plan 2030.

Design Challenge

Help the ACPLF communicate to Alberta Government and stakeholders their cancer prevention and screening strategies within six civic environments.

Engagement Strategy

Building trust among Alberta Health Services (AHS), Alberta Government, and community partners by using the Impact Report as a tool for transparency and accountability. Leadership used this marketing tool as an in-depth leave-behind.

Design Strategy

Simplifying complex medical and business information into a 20-page booklet, with an introductory snapshot of the content.

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