Our beliefs and values

WE LIVE our life with principals. We pay attention to our health, what goes into your bodies, on our skin, and within our environments. We recognize that this planet is an ecosystem that depends on all kinds of beings, from the smallest to the smartest. We believe in the benefits of plant-based foods, ethical materialism, healthy happy people, and that animals are persons—not commodities.

WE BELIEVE in businesses doing good. That a life with purpose is a life worth living. So we carved out a special place in this big beautiful world, because we recognize that making a difference is where our joy and hope comes from. We built a business to live our values and to share its potential; to promote possibilities, to commune, and to grow. Our supply chains are clean, our partners are good-hearted, and ‘ahimsa’ is our guiding principle. We believe in business integrity; creating positive impact while generating revenue. We believe good businesses are good to people, animals, and the environment. We are activists for positive change; we act to create change!

WE BELIEVE that design has value. That good design is inspirational, and socially and environmentally responsible. We believe thoughtful design can initiate meaningful change. That first impressions matter, that good design converts, and through design we tell stories. We believe that good branding makes a company memorable, credibility, and its audiences loyal. We know brand consistency and positive experiences are products of design that build trust. We believe in the power of creativity and collaboration and that design is a process that leads to innovation. We believe that the power of design helps businesses thrive.

WE BELIEVE in long-term relationships. We value community, emotional intelligence and communication. We believe accountability first begins within ourselves and that teamwork is essential. We know that purpose drives customer decisions and that our purpose is using our skills for good! We aren’t fast and cheap because we aim to add value and to positively impact the lives of others. We believe that our clients are partners, and our allies for positive change. We say no to negativity and instead hold a mindset of success. We believe in supporting our clients to shape the future. We are agents of change. Ethically led and strategy driven. We are O’Reilly Design Co.

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