Brand Strategy Development

Branding is about encouraging people fall in love

Great brands are defined by the position they hold in the marketplace. To attain a leadership position they must be dedicated to articulating a clear and consistent brand that goes beyond a marketing function, permeates every decision the organization makes, and everything they do.

Why your business or initiative needs a strong brand strategy

Branding provides focus and an advantage in a competitive market. It sets expectations and creates unique experiences for customers, clients, partners, and employees.

When a brand articulates its advantage, it’s more likely to succeed and it expedites the buying decision process, improving economic value. This is very important because the only stable asset a business has is its brand name.

Strong brand positions own a place in the minds of their intended audiences. They achieve this by being credible, relevant and differentiated. Credible through the trust they have gained by doing what they say, and saying what they do; relevant through their ability to understand the context in which their products and services play a role in the lives of their audiences; and differentiation through the ability to communicate the unique value they provide.

What we’ll accomplish  together

With a brand strategy development process, we’ll work together to uncover the essence, or soul of your business. We’ll identify internal and external strengths and weaknesses, conduct business and audience analysis, set the brand positioning, create consistent messaging, design the visual and verbal identity, and evaluate the effectiveness of the brand after launch.

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Brand Strategy Development

  • Facilitated Collaborative Discovery
  • Business and Audience Analysis
  • Focus Testing and/or Survey Research
  • Brand Positioning and Messaging
  • Business Naming
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Personality Development

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